Doing Business in Inida
Romie F. Littrell, Ph.D. - Associate Professor of International Business
Auckland University of Technology - Private Bag 92006
Auckland 1020, New Zealand
Email: Romie . Littrell @
Telephone: 64 / 9 - 921 - 9999 x 5805

Prof. Sapna Popli - Assistant Professor of Marketing
Institute of Integrated Learning in Management
3 Lodhi Institutional Area
New Delhi 100 003, India
spopli @
Prof. Shyam Vyas - Professor of Marketing
Bharatiya Vidya Bavan
1st Floor, Mehta Sadan, Kasturba Ghandi Marg
New Delhi 110 001, India
Coordinating Head, MBA Department BVB
President & Managing Director, SVMARCP Ltd.
Marketing Consultants
shyam_vyas304 @
Contacts for information, consultation, research, and research collaboration concerning doing business into and out of India: